El Crustaceo Cascarudo

(the Krusty Krab of SpongeBob SquarePants fame)


I recently came across this restaurant and believe it to be one of the best in Cancun!  It is located downtown and if you use the little map below, it isn’t too hard to locate.  The food is fabulous, service superior, and the prices excellent. 



Directions from the hotel zone:

From the hotel zone, take the #1 bus downtown (el centro).  Get off the bus on Ave. Tulum, just after the flea market, in front of the Town Hall.   Walk across Ave. Tulum and find the paved walkway to Palapas Park, Tulipanes.  El Crustaceo Cascarudo is located at the end of the walkway on your right side, just before you reach the park.

Note: There is also a street called Tulipanes, with a Burger King on the corner, this is NOT the Tulipanes you are looking for.   You need to go one block over.